We are looking for volunteers who are committed and proactive to help Education Without Borders, to help more refugees each time to have access to quality education in Brazil. For that, we go through a selective process where we look to identify if the volunteer has this profile, making it possible for him/her to also be able to verify if this is the type of work that he/she wishes to invest their time in. The volunteer needs to reside in São Paulo since almost every activity requires their participation in presencial meetings.

The Education Without Borders will have three types of activities for our volunteers: to participate in the Administrative Activities Management, Mentoring Programs or teach advanced portuguese classes, mathematics, entrepreneurship and other subjects.

The Mentoring Program allows the mentor to collaborate in a voluntary way to help the refugee to reflect about his/her choices of studying, options, paths and consequences of their academic choices, taking in consideration the vocational tests applied and selection by Education Without Borders. The mentoring work is of extreme relevance with a great impact in the lives of the refugees, about their surroundings, families and future generations, mainly for being a more vulnerable population and with more limited academic viewing and the consequences of their choices for the future.

To fulfill this function, it is necessary to participate in the Mentor Meetings which will occur monthly. Before your admission as a Mentor, the volunteer will have to participate in one meeting of Education Without Borders and also a workshop of Mentoring.

The number of refugee students such as the matching profile are determinant factors for the volunteer selection to the Mentoring Program.

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