Guarantee for the refugees the right to education.

What we do

We are working to give access for the refugees to education, for them to feel embraced by our country, developing their potentials, teaching us how to live in a plural world, which values and respects the diversity of people.

Our Values

Fraternity: All men are born free and equal in dignity and rights, they are full of reasoning
and the conscious one must act one to everyone and the fraternity spirit.

Value of Diversity: We believe in valuing diversity as a path to lead to development of a
better society, more fare and more equalitarian.

Protagonism: Every growing human being deserves an opportunity of being the protagonist of their own development processes and construction of autonomy to lead to their creative way to express their full potential to the world.

Transparency: A trustworthy relationship is based upon transparency, which is also our main practice in our management.

Virtue: Virtue is an ethical base which guides us, because we believe in a conduct which seeks conformity with the good and inspires the great civic spirit.

Objectives of Sustainable Development

Our working views were taken from action taken in 2015 by the UN, from where it turned out the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which is based on the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Within them, we are focused in the following:

How You Can Help

The Education Without Borders has as the core of our essence, to be an articulator of partners. This way, all our duties are collaborative.
Be part of this chain and contribute also with our mission to bring education to the refugees. Be a donner associate and collaborate so that we can finance more scholarships, school community events, mentoring gatherings, to name a few.

Donate now

If you wish to be an institutional partner, to offer a placement in an education institution or even to propose any other form of help, write to us to contato@esf.org.br.

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