We believe in the potential of human beings.
We believe in a fair world,
where everyone has the right to fulfill their vocations.

We work to make bridges.
Bridges that unite efforts, hearts and minds.
They promote opportunities, open paths.


Hope moves us.
The present sensitizes us.
Hope for the future, in caring for the present.

We want to be the strength to overcome barriers,
inspiration to believe and
solidarity network to welcome.

We see color in diversity.
Plural world is fertile world.

We expect our children to grow up
surrounded by colors, in a rainbow of
cultures that invite citizenship and fraternity.

Let this society know how to shine
the best that exists in each human being.
Because only then, we will have a better world for everyone.


What we have to say

- Refugiados
"Hoje eu lembro das palavras do meu pai sobre a importância de se formar, eu pessoalmente gostaria de me formar em direito para ser capaz de lutar pelos direitos humanos. "
- Prudence Kalambay Libonza

How You Can Help

The Education Without Borders has as the core of our essence, to be an articulator of partners. This way, all our duties are collaborative.
Be part of this chain and contribute also with our mission to bring education to the refugees. Be a donner associate and collaborate so that we can finance more scholarships, school community events, mentoring gatherings, to name a few.

Donate now

If you wish to be an institutional partner, to offer a placement in an education institution or even to propose any other form of help, write to us to